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The workers of Westchester County won’t have to choose between their health, caring for a sick loved one, or putting food on the table.


Under this newly enacted law that I sponsored and introduced, workers in Westchester County can earn 1 hour of sick time for every 30 hours that they work. In NYC, where this law has been in effect for several years, employers have seen decreased turnover, higher productivity, and increased employee satisfaction.


Notably, the workforce least likely to have employer-based sick time are those in the food service, childcare, or eldercare industries – three areas where you want to be sure that the person helping you will not pass along any illness.

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Far too often, immigrants of every legal status and their family members fear interacting with local law enforcement when they are victims or witnesses of crime, do not access vital services to which they are entitled, and are subjected to unfair treatment in our legal system. 


The bi-partisan Immigrant Protection Act aims to reduce fear and increase participation with law enforcement among the immigrant community while ensuring that precious County resources aren’t spent doing the federal government’s job.

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This law that I authored prohibits employers from asking prospective employees about their previous salary history in an effort to combat the gender wage gap.


Employers often ask prospective employees to provide prior salary histories in order to set the salary offer they will make, regardless of the prospective employees’ qualification and experience.


This practice perpetuates ever-increasing discrimination against women and people of color, who historically earn lower salaries throughout their careers.


Under this law, this practice is no longer permitted in Westchester County.


I’m proud that Westchester County has joined other nearby counties and New York City by passing my bill to increase the age to purchase tobacco and vaping products to 21, which will significantly diminish access to these products among younger people. 


The research is very detailed and compelling: The later a person is exposed to using tobacco and nicotine products, the less likely they are to become addicted. 


This legislation will have a great, positive, lifelong impact on individual and public health outcomes.


This past term, the Board of Legislators passed a measure that will give victims of domestic violence, as well as victims of human trafficking, the ability to take “safe leave” from their jobs. 


The time off will permit them to deal with issues surrounding their situations, without fear of retribution from employers.


To our residents who have experienced firsthand the pain and the loss of agency that comes from being abused by a partner: We believe you, we stand with you, and we’re going to make sure that you can get to safety, and not have to choose that over your job.

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