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My entire career, I have worked to honor and assist our Vets in any way I can. It is because of them that we enjoy the freedoms that we do today.


So when one of these heroes falls on hard times, it is on all of us to lift them up – that is why I will continue to fight for the creation of a Veterans Court.


Similar to successful Drug Courts, Vets Courts offer patience and treatment instead of punishment to non-violent Veteran offenders who find themselves in front of a judge. 





It is not a secret that when Indian Point closes the taxpayers of Cortlandt, Buchanan, Peekskill and the Hendrick Hudson School District will take a hit in lost property taxes.


That is why I sponsored the resolution calling for the state and federal governments to provide economic developments assistance and why we fought to provide serious monetary relief to the school district and local governments through the Property Taxpayers Protection Act.



When Indian Point closes, we will still face the serious environmental threat of storing the spent fuel rods until the Federal Government decides on a long-term strategy for this fuel.


I will continue to fight for the safe storage of spent fuel rods and continued stringent safety oversight by the NRC, the Department of Energy, and State Authorities. 


The residents of Westchester County deserve every protection from any potential risks of maintaining the spent fuel rods in our community.

The closing of Indian Point Energy Center will also mean the loss of a top employer in the region.


I remain committed to fighting for jobs for on-site workers during the decommissioning process, job-training opportunities through our Westchester-Putnam Workforce Development Board, and jobs in clean energy fields that will also promote a safe environmental transition for our community.


As an active member of the NYS Indian Point Task Force, I continue to focus on mitigating the impacts on the county



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Many Westchester seniors have worked their entire lives to create lives and homes in their communities n today.


They raised their children and grandchildren and have friends, doctors and connections in our communities.


That is why I will continue to work to provide aging in place programs and support to Westchester seniors who want to remain in the communities they know and love. 

Aging In Place Issues

Westchester is an expensive place to live, especially for a senior citizen on a fixed income.


During my career, I have worked to create senior affordable housing units in LD-9 – and I remain committed to fighting for more housing opportunities for our seniors in the years to come.

Affordable Senior Housing

Creating More Intergenerational Opportunities

More and more families in our community rely heavily on a family member who is a senior citizen for assistance raising a child.


That is why I passed a county resolution calling for increased inter-generational programming and will continue to advocate for more “Cross-Age Collaboration” programs in Westchester County.


These programs underscore the health, educational, and emotional benefits to both seniors and children when they interact.  This contributes to the fiscal health, economic development, and sustainability of Westchester County.



At a time when we know that outside forces aim to hijack our democracy, we must be sure to do everything we can to protect our elections here locally.


That is why I am a proud sponsor of Right to Recount – a bill that mandates recount of any election with a 0.5% or smaller margin of error.  Fair and open elections are the foundation of America’s democracy.  

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